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Landscape with Animals
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October 28,29,30 November 3,4,5 @ 7:30 pm

Special Hallowe'en Show October 31 @ 9:00 PM




exitStageLeft and Graffiti Theatre present Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Relentless ambition. A knife behind a welcoming smile. Weird sisters with tantalizing prophecies. A walking forest. A seductive wife goading her husband in his drive to power.


The Farmer’s Institute will be transformed into an otherwordly space, with the audience immersed in the action. Shakespeare’s shortest play is a timely warning of the fate awaiting tyrants willing to sacrifice anyone to be supreme.


exitStageLeft is no stranger to musicals, being a musical theatre company, so why should Macbeth be any different? When the veil is the most thin come and experience Shakespeare’s first slasher play as never heard before. Norse and Celtic chants underscore the action. The sound of ravens, the harbinger of dark things to come, echos in the ether and the haunting lament of bodiless spirits makes your hair stand on end. From Hallowe’en weekend to Guy Fawkes day, “Double Double Toil and Trouble, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble"….come if you dare.


Tickets at Salt Spring Books $30 ~ Adults and $15~Youth (age 14-18).

Parental discretion for under 14.

If you can not purchase in person please contact us.

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